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  • 【Comfortable inflatable collar】This is a soft and adjustable inflatable collar that makes pets feel very comfortable after wearing it. It is also convenient to go up and down the stairs, and it is easy to eat, drink, sleep, and go to the toilet.
  • 【Prevent pet infections】After your pet has undergone surgery, prevent pets from licking and scratching, which can cause wound infections and make the wound heal as soon as possible
  • 【Donuts are easy to clean】Easy to clean, the side zipper design of the dog ring, take off the airbag, easy to clean the outside of the fabric
  • 【 Inflate and store】Easy to inflate. Pinch the root of the valve, keep the inside of the valve open, and use the air pump provided by us to inject air. If you don’t use it, you can deflate and put it in a small space.
  • 【Please keep in touch with us】Try to choose the size of the dog pen to make your pet more comfortable and practical, but if you don’t choose it, please contact us so that we can better solve this problem