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  • Compact Carry Case for On-The-Go and Travel
  • Low Noise Stainless Steel Clippers Trimmers & File
  • Small Scissor type for dew claws, puppy nails and small household animals.
  • Medium Scissor dog nail clippers (also known as Miller’s Forge clippers) work in a similar style to – you guessed it – scissors. The blades have small, round indentations, where you’ll position your dog’s nail for cutting. This style allows for a large amount of force, making them good for dogs with larger nails. However, the handles may not be ideal for those with arthritis.
  • Large – Guillotine style clippers have owners place the dog’s nail through a hole and squeeze the handle, allowing for a single blade to slice down across the hole and cut off the excess nail. This style of clipper is recommended for small to medium dogs, as the guillotine style isn’t usually strong enough to cut large, thick nails.